DL-mandelic acid D-mandelic acid L-mandelic acid
2-chloro mandelic acid S-(+)-2-Chloromandelic acid R-(-)-2-Chloromandelic acid
DL-2-fluoro mandelic acid D-2-fluoro mandelic acid L-2-fluoro mandelic acid
P-chloro mandelic acid D-4-chloro mandelic acid L-4-chloro mandelic acid

  Jiangxi Keyuan Biopharm Co., Ltd.(Guangde Keyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.) is located in Jishan Chemical Industrial Zone in Pengze County, Jiangxi Province. This Industrial Zone, as a provincial chemical zone authorized by Jiangxi Provincial People's Government, is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a river, showing distinctive geographic advantages.

Jishan Industrial Zone,Pengze County,Jiangxi Province.
Contact:Mr.Guo ZhiFang/General Manager
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